Festival of Holi

Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Holi is the celebration/festival of color and I have decided to be anti-social (even moreso than usual) that day.

Why, gentle readers, do I say that?

Well, I have zero desire to be pelted with balloon-like things filled with colored powder. Think free for all paint ball day, but you physically throw these things. We’ve been invited to go and spend the day with people, but I’m like, "oh hell no."

Our cook, Gaury, doesn’t like it because she gets pelted with those things on the way home.

This is a celebration of the arrival of summer (they don’t have a spring here – lol). Yea, I don’t want to get bombed with those balloons. I am going to hide and not open the door to anyone. Call me a party pooper/Debbie Downer if you like, but I don’t have any old clothes that I don’t care about. I left those all behind in AZ.

Speaking of summer, etc. I didn’t say it before but I’ll say it now – it’s hot. I can feel it in the air and also by the smell…Delhi/Gurgaon was fairly stank free during the winter when I arrived, but now…now…omg. I can smell the garbage fermenting, the cow dung roasting in the hot sun, the dog poo stinking up the place. OMG I just want to hurl…and it will only get WORSE.

I am burning incense a lot more in a bid to keep the mosquitoes away and a nice fresh smelling house. I bought some stuff from the Body Shop here and it does help – it’s the oils you burn and it wafts through the house making it smell nice for a whole five minutes, then everything falls apart…

The electricity here is pissing me off…seriously. Now that it’s warm, it’s having hard time keeping up with the AC units and fans being used…so the electricity and the generators kick on and off roughly about 20 times or more a day. I’m so glad we got a new UPS.

This past weekend I was dying for some guacamole. I had purchased avocadoes, but they have yet to ripen. Saturday we had a late lunch/early dinner at, of all places, Ruby Tuesday. Colin and I ordered their guacamole and chips as an appetizer. What came out made Colin bitch loudly and yell at the server – "You call this a serving of guacamole?" To which he pointed at the very small pepsi bottle cap serving of guac on the plate. The server brought us more. The chips were plentiful, though. I will give them that much. The guac was awful. It was beyond awful. I don’t know what happened, but that had to be the WORST guacamole I have ever eaten. I just can’t even put it into words as to how disgustingly awful it was.

I was a bit peeved, truth be told.  I ordered a chicken BLT and he ordered a vegetable something…I enjoyed my meal, it was flavorful, but I wanted some fries, dammit…and the 7 pieces of fries on the plate pissed me off. It’s like the fried food gods were having a big laugh at my expense. I thought it was all aimed at me, but colin had 10 pieces of fries on HIS plate, so we were both being pissed on and laughed at. I didn’t feel so alone. 🙂

We got home…and then Colin said his sides were hurting…and HELLO explosive pewpage for him. I thought, "damn, he’s got loosie poops. At least I’m all right." I spoke too soon. It hit me this morning. 🙁 Yea, lucky me. But it seems to be marginally better for now, but we’ll see. All have pity on me, ok? 🙂 haha. Well, I am laughing at myself.

All in all, I’ve been eating really well here, barring those delhi poop moments. I am so worried that I’m going to come back to the States as having gained weight rather than lost it. I shall be the world’s first person to go on a vegetarian diet and instead of losing, I have packed on the pounds. I was bitching about that to colin the other day, yet when I put on my PMS fat jeans, they were more loose. I still feel like a heifer. By the way, who ever knew that my statuesque five foot tall self would ~ tower ~ over men here? Seriously. It’s like I’m living in a world of gnomes or something. LOL

Signing off for now..if I’m forced to step out for Holi, I’ll wear clothing that needs to be washed…and my old sunglasses. 🙂


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