The Wish List

Thursday, 22 January, 2009

Who would’ve ever thought that I would be asking for the following?

1. Clorox cloth wipes — you know, the stuff at Costco that comes in a 3 pack with bleach? It’s not good for the environment here, but screw that. I want a clean place.

2. Swiffer wipes and wet mop — I am not too fond of how the maid cleans (more at the bottom)

3. Toilet brush and Comet

4. Dishwasher (more a luxury, but still…)

5. Vacuum cleaner with attachments so I can vacuum the couches.

6. Hamburger — I’ll have to fly to Japan or Philippines for this, but a girl can still dream…

So, on my 3rd or 4th day here, Colin said something to the effect of, "Say good-bye to hygiene as you know it."

I didn’t understand it then, but I sure as hell understand it now…I happened to be home a few days when the maid came in.

Imagine my horror and surprise when I noticed that the same cloth she used to clean the toilet was also used to clean the bathroom sink and counter. I nearly gagged. I really did. But nothing compares to when I realized that she’s been using that same rag to dust the entire house with. /vomits

I’m not the world’s best housekeeper, but I like to keep my toilet stuff separate…like I find cats on a counter disgusting (some people don’t, I do — I think it’s absolutely vile and revolting). I don’t care if people say they clean their paws, it’s been in their litter box, for cryin’ out loud.

I know I freak out when people wear their shoes in the house…it’s kinda icky, esp here in India when you can literally step on a dead dog in the street. Do I truly want that contaminating my house?

So I want to at least clean the apartment MY WAY for once, just so I can have a little peace of mind…

A long time ago, that would have been a very different wish list. Who would’ve ever thought I’d be asking for cleaning supplies?!



Last, but not least…I would LOVE a dryer. The maids come in and do our laundry, but I want a dryer. This line drying is for the birds. Screw the environment. If underwear is itchy and scratchy on my ass after having been "cleaned", I want a dryer.

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