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Monday, 12 January, 2009

In a previous post I mentioned this cute little dog outside with her little Hindu marking which is fading now, btw.  Anyway, on Saturday night, Colin’s bosses (the 2 men who run and own the company) invited us over to one of their houses as a "Hello, welcome to India" meal.

One of the bosses is from Northern India and he wanted us to sample the different cuisine from his region —




That had to be some of the BEST food I have ever tasted in my L I F E. I loved every single dish that was brought out — including the appetizer that had mutton in it. I always said I was a beef, chicken and fish kind of girl. I dislike the taste of lamb, goat and venison. It just is yuck. So imagine my surprise when I had a mutton appetizer. I had a sneaking suspicion it was, but I wasn’t going to say no and spit it out. That’s rude, ya know? It wasn’t bad, it was actually good, but I can’t get my head around the whole mutton thing. *shudders delicately*

Anyway, on our way back into our apartment, little clown dog was outside, buried in a hole and looking oh so cute. She ran up to us and barked hello, rolling on her back and pushed up against Colin as if to say, "I know you want to be my daddy. Want to take me in?" However, as she was all excited and happy to see us, she kept stumbling and tripping over her own feet…in both our heads we dubbed her Grace, short for Graceless. 🙂 Anyway, here is a picture of her.

In this picture, you can see the remnants of the blue Hindu marking between her eyes.

And here is another picture of her. In both pictures, she’s dug herself a hole to keep warm in. I want to take all the dogs in, but it isn’t feasible.

The next two pictures are of the shanty town that is right outside my window…it’s why I feel so guilty for living so well…it’s people living amongst trash, dirt, the sacred cows (which are all in the pics) and pigs. Oh yea…and I didn’t sleep well last night thanks to the DONKEY that was braying constantly. I kid you not.  In the pictures you will see people running around — they’re playing their daily cricket match. They seem happy and I often wonder if they are jealous of their neighbors (my apartment complex) who are fortunate to have heat, running water and shelter…

This sleeping dog is very deceptive…cute as it looks, that’s the one that tried to attack me on my first walk around here…and got the beat down from the guards.

Love that they call reflectors here "dark eyes"

What would be a post without me if it didn’t include YAAAARN? By the way, we drove all over Delhi for the store…I had to reap the rewards for the awful drive!

Picture of a bird for Karen

For Judi, a food picture! And I was a bit startled by this gulab jamun — I am not used to the shape. I’m used to perfectly round little balls. They often like to put pistachios in them…it is so fabulous. Yes, the pic is unfocused…because the power went out and I wanted to eat them before it got cold so I just pointed and clicked, hoping it would be somewhat focused. It’s not. doh.

And even though these are not pictures of India, I had to put them in here anyway…they’re pictures of Rex. The first one is seductive puppy is seductive. In reality, it was, "I am trying to sleep. Bright flash bad." The second picture is, "It’s cold, mommy. Come back to bed." I can’t believe I let him sleep up on he bed with me, but it was my last night in AZ and I figured ‘why not?’ — I am not going to be seeing him for a long, long time. 🙁

That’s it for now. Hope you like the pics. Next mission: to get up the courage and cross that street so I can go to the cafe…I will video tape it for you all and put it on youtube.



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