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Butter London – Lady Muck

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011

What do I have on offer here?

In Brit slang, muck about means to take your time…kind of just hanging around doing nothing. Basically, wasting time.

Lady Muck, however, is an entirely different meaning. When you call someone a Lady (or Lord Muck), you are actually insulting or pointing out the obvious character flaw. Calling someone Lord/Lady Muck means that they are putting on airs and acting well above their station in life – a bit like wanting to be well bred when, in reality, they’re living in a shabby place. In short, you’re calling them delusional bastards.

There is a Britcom that I could not stand watching, but a friend of mine loved it. So much so she could watch the same episode over and over and over…to the point where I honestly thought I was going to stab her in her sleep. The Britcom was called Keeping Up Appearances. It still airs on PBS and BBC America. That’s like nails on a chalk board to me. She made me so sick of that show…so much so that I could barely stomach looking it up on Wikipedia. That show incites some serious anger in me.

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Butter London – No More Waity, Katie

Tuesday, 5 April, 2011

I know I’ve been slacking on the posts, but the weather has been gorgeous and all I’ve been wanting to do is bake, bake, bake! It doesn’t help that our friend has a farm and keeps providing me with these gorgeous fresh eggs that make a world of difference in my baking. He has given us 6 duck eggs and I’m about to go a little crazy with them! 🙂

However, that does not pertain to nail polish – I know! Recently a friend of mine found 3 bottles of Revlon’s Perplex at Big Lots! So I now have Perplex to compare against Paradoxal and another color with a CND nail effect on top of it. YAY! Slowly but surely coming back to the polish love. I’ve also got 15 Zoya colors coming in and I still need to swatch the Intimate collection. Too much for a gal to do, in addition to doing taxes and the crazy job search…plus, little Rex had 2 seizures yesterday. Inherent to his breed (he’s a Cavalier King Charles spaniel), but still scary to see. He does bring lots of joy into my life and he’s my little guy. I’d be so heartbroken if anything bad happened to him.

I ramble. I’m sorry. Check out the pictures and review of this polish after the jump.

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Butter London – Bumster

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Named after the iconic pants that put Alexander McQueen on the map…and which ended up coining the phrase Muffin Top, Butter London took inspiration from McQueen’s iconic 1996 collection.

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Butter London – Marrow

Thursday, 27 January, 2011

Despite the creepy name, this color is gorgeous. This is the color of marrow when viewed under a microscope, but when extracted, it’s all red. I’m always amazed at what a small amount of bone marrow can do. If I remember correctly, when a friend’s mother got a bone marrow transplant, it took a mere 50 CCs to save her life – roughly a little under 3.5 Tablespoons. Amazing. But to get that it’s incredibly painful, so to the donor who saved my friend’s mother’s life all those years ago – thank you!


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