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Giveaway Time!

Wednesday, 4 May, 2011

It’s time for me to have a giveaway…and really, it’s been long overdue!

Remember this beauty? I wrote about her earlier!

Well, I’m having a giveaway of this gorgeous gal! A million thanks to Kim at Overall Beauty for making this possible. Also thanks to Saints of Ruin‘s Ruby Ruin for hatching this bitchin’ bad ass color.


Here’s how you can win this pretty little shade called Glampyre…You can have a total of ten (10) chances to win this color.

1. Follow me on Twitter and re-tweet this: Follow @carinaeletoile on Twitter and RT to win BB Couture’s Saints of Ruin Glampyre (+1 with a maximum of +3 for up to 3 tweets only. If I don’t see it in my timeline, it doesn’t get counted.)

2. Follow me on GFC (if you’re already a follower, you’ve got an entry!) (+3)

3. If you can, be my friend on Yelp! (+1)

4. Leave a creative, funny, yet non-offensive comment on this entry on why you want to win this color. (+1)

5. Add me to your blogroll and blog about this giveaway – please email me and provide a link to your blog to qualify. (+2)

6 Last but not least, this is open to any and all who are over the age of 18.

7. This is an international giveaway! Woo hoo!!!

8. Finally, contest ends on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, at 11:59pm PST.

Good luck!

BB Couture

BB Couture – Glampyre and Overall Beauty – Baby Me

Monday, 25 April, 2011

I happened to catch a tweet from Kim at Overall Beauty about some samples. Like any girl out there, I’m a freak over samples. When I was in Paris and I’d go to Sephora, I’d totally live for the samples of shampoos, conditioners, face creams, etc they’d put in the bag when you’d purchase things. I’m so bummed the Sephora here in the US doesn’t do that, but the fact that we have Sephora at all is a good thing…

Anyway, Kim from Overall Beauty sent me this package and said I should get it in a few days…try the next day! All hail USPS that can haul butt like that. 😉

I literally squeed with glee when I opened the package: a full sized bottle of  a color that was created for a band called Saints of Ruin ( commemorating the release of their new album due out soon called Glampyre. Incidentally, that is also the color name of the polish, too! Their lead singer, Ruby Ruin, helped create this color that I love wearing. I’m a dark nail polish kind of gal. I googled them and they were described as a Bay Area goth band…and the long dead goth girl in me did a happy dance. I’m a huge supporter of all things Bay Area and especially if they’re good. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to their music, please give them a shot – you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the pretty things I got from Kim at Overall Beauty –

Nail polish!

Eye shadow!

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BB Couture

BB Couture – Midnight Malibu

Thursday, 2 September, 2010

I fell hard for this color on the site. Thought it was gorgeous! And it is. My only complaint is is that the glitter in it is super lumpy – you can see it in the sunlight shot. Formula dried fast but the lumpiness, even with a top coat, made me not like this formula that much.

BB Couture

BB Couture – Love Bug

Tuesday, 31 August, 2010

This delicate, lovely glittery color needs a delicate, lovely skin tone to match…and it’s not me. My skin tone needs some harsh colors in order for it to look flattering. Very rarely do I luck out and find pinks/beiges/neutrals that look good on me. Usually it’s blue, green, black…you get my drift.

What was a lovely color in the bottle was transformed into…something so hideous on me I had a hard time believing it was actually the same color! That’s my problem – I fall in love with these colors in the bottle and I throw caution into the wind thinking, “Maybe just this once, this color will look so good on me…” *sigh* Such is not the case.

Formula was flawless – 2 coats and in under 10 minutes this was dry and no bubbles. How can you go wrong with that? You can have my skin tone. That’s how.

Anyway, enough of my angry bitterness about my skin tone and on to the pretty nail polish!

BB Couture

BB Couture – Man Bug

Thursday, 26 August, 2010

I love the colors and the collections of BB Couture and BB Couture for Men, but I seem to be having issues with their formula…maybe I got a bad batch, but for the most part it’s been streaky and frankly, not full of love for me.

I thought this color would be opaque within 3 coats. As you can see, it’s a hot streaky mess. This felt more like a jelly than anything else and judging from the coverage, I’d say it was meant to be one as well. Had I known and realized it, I’d have actually worked around it.

The one plus side? It dried fast.

Out of all the BB Coutures I’ve swatched, this is by far the least favorite of mine.

BB Couture

BB Couture – Ode To A Ladybug

Monday, 17 May, 2010
BB Couture Ode To A Ladybug

I’ve always loved ladybugs. Whether they were green, yellow or red. They’re my favorite things. I think they’re so adorable and even now, when I see one, the little girl in me goes, “EEEE!!!! Must play with it.”

I was so excited to get this color, if not for the name alone. How can you NOT love the name Ode To A Ladybug? It’s so cute! However, it ended up being more of an unflattering coral on me. It looked ok in the shade and in natural light, but I wore it for a weekend and while I loved the shade, my friends were not so keen on it. 🙁 I got various comments, “You’re not old enough to be wearing a color like that.” to “Oh, girl. What were you thinking?”

I’ll let you decide.

BB Couture Ode To A Ladybug

Formula rocked it (as usual) – dried fast and this is three coats. There was a slight glitter in this and it doesn’t really show. I knew there was glitter in the polish just from the lumps I could feel after it dried. However, the glitter really didn’t go KA-POW like I’m used to. No other complaints, though. 🙂