Colors by Llarowe

Colors by Llarowe High Octane

Thursday, 10 July, 2014
Colors by Llarowe High Octane

Colors by Llarowe High Octane is yet another color that I am featuring from an exclusive collection that was released only at a race in Colorado.

I have already written about Mustang Eli yesterday and I featured Go, Deanna Go! for a patriotic Scottish Independence mani.

I am now going to show you Colors by Llarowe High Octane. Out of the six colors, this is one of my top favorites. It’s a bit of a Holy Grail of Unicorn farts, in my opinion. It excels where others have tried to do something like this and have failed. A big, miserable fail. All the previous iterations were practice runs for everyone and Leah Ann really shows other Indies how it should be done Why is it so gorgeous? Well, it’s a deep teal blue/green with a purple duochrome flash and…a holo. Mind blown. Head explodes. It’s freakin’ gorgeous. Then, to make it even crazier, this was a limited edition, one off thing. If you were lucky to score it, hoard it. Don’t let it see sunlight, don’t let anyone else see the bottle. Keep it elusive. Keep it hidden, hear me? I’m keeping mine hidden, that’s for sure. Of course, I’ll probably forget where it is. So typical of me.

I know that I loved the formula on this, too. It was a little thick, but still very manageable. It also didn’t take forever and a day to dry while being opaque in two thin-medium coats.

Now that I’ve waxed poetical, come and see the pictures!

Colors by Llarowe High Octane Diffused Light

Colors by Llarowe High OctaneThe top shot shows the gorgeous duochrome and the bottom shot shows the scattered holo goodness.

Colors by Llarowe High OctaneGorgeous flash shot.

Colors by Llarowe High Octane

Colors by Llarowe High OctaneAgain, gorgeous duochrome up top and then the beautiful scattered holo in the bottom picture

Thanks for making it this far. Hope you’ve liked what you’ve read.

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Colors by Llarowe Burnout
Colors by Llarowe Mustang Eli

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