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Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels

Monday, 12 January, 2015
Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels

Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels is based on the angels from Dr Who, the British tv show. If you don’t know what the angels are, check out my screen saver after the jump!

If you want to find out more about Dr Who and the Weeping Angels, go to the wiki to read up.

The first time I encountered the angels, I just…freaked out. If you’re in the know, Don’t Blink!. If not, come look at my screen saver…Now, my screen saver shot here had to fit into the confines of Instagram, but when you see it, you’re drawn in and oddly mesmerized. Then the last image gets you. Auuugh!

Oh…screensaver how you can disturb. #drwho #dontblink #angels

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When Leah Ann put this on her site as part of the Dr Who inspired polishes, I know I had to get. Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels is described on the site as “Clear based multi colored flake with added plum and golden shimmer…”

I layered this over a darker colored polish and…hah, I forgot what it was. Sorry! However, I hope you like the photos. Formula dried quickly – woo hoo! I swatched on my pointer and pinky finger with no base color, just the polish itself. On my ring and middle finger, I applied Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels over a dark, creme base. It was Zoya Ryan. I will have to swatch Zoya Ryan on her own and give her her own post. She deserves it!

Now…on to the pictures.

Just a reminder — click on the pictures to see the absolute full-sized beast of the photos below.

Colors by Llarowe Weeping AngelsI love how Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels looks like it’s a party on your nails when placed over a darker color.

Colors by Llarowe Weeping AngelsI do think this is a lovely, subtle flakie to wear on its own. What do you think?

Colors by Llarowe Weeping AngelsLook at this gorgeousness.

Now that you’ve seen this gorgeous flakie polish, do you feel you need Colors by Llarowe Weeping Angels in your stash?

Thanks for making it this far!

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