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Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra

Tuesday, 20 January, 2015
Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra

Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra is another color that is part of Leah Ann’s Dr Who inspired collection.

Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra is a bit of a baffling thing for me. I’m not quite sure why she chose this color combo for Madame Vastra. When I’ve caught hubby watching Dr Who, Madame Vastra has often appeared reptilian and this particular color combo does not scream reptilian to me at all! However, it doesn’t matter because this is one of my favorites from this collection. It’s purple based, well, let me more concise – it’s a purple tinted sheer base with a red to yellow flake. All together now super pretty…and Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra really is super pretty.

I love this particular color out of the collection. It’s my favorite, to be honest. I’m a sucker for purple and this is such a chameleon! Please note that I sponged these flakies on my nail. I simply put one coat down, let it dry for about five minutes, then took a cosmetic sponge and painted on a coat on to the sponge. Then I sponged the color and flakes on to my nail. After I put another coat of Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra on for good measure and the lovely purple tinted base. That was it!

Here is some info on Madame Vastra.

Here are the finer details

Now that you know the important details, on to the pictures.

Colors by Llarowe Madame VastraJust as an FYI – I layered Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra over Sephora X for Sephora’s Dark Matter and Sephora X for Sephora’s White Matter. I wanted some contrast. My pointer finger and pinky are my bare nails.

Colors by Llarowe Madame Vastra Over a black base.

Colors by Llarowe Madame VastraOver a white base

Colors by Llarowe Madame VastraBare nail. Base is super pretty and I love the purple tint and the flake. It’s all so breathtakingly pretty! Wouldn’t you agree?

Now that you’ve seen this color, do you think this flakie/flakey polish is something you need to have in your stash?

Thanks for making it this far and stopping by!

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