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Colors by Llarowe The Ood

Monday, 26 January, 2015
Colors by Llarowe The Ood

Colors by Llarowe The Ood is yet another flakie/flakey that Leah Ann created for her Dr Who inspired collection…

…and let me tell you, this one is a total lover, not a fighter!

If you want to know more about the Ood from Dr. Who, read this.

I’ve also made this for Mr. Carinae

oodskimask_mediumImage courtesy of Lilana Wofsey — yes, it is a crocheted Ood ski mask. He’s never worn it, though. I thought of it as a challenge to make and boy was it ever. Give it a shot if you’re up for a challenge.

Colors by Llarowe The Ood is described on the site as “Red tinted sheer based red to yellow flake with added copper shimmer.” I have to say that this was layered over a black polish, my standard Sephora Brand X Dark Matter.  I also layered it over a white polish – Sephora Brand X White Matter. I did sponge on polish – one regular coat over the black, then sponged a layer and then another regular coat over the sponged layer. I find that with flakies, they are best sponged for the full effect. However, when applied like regular polish, they are equally just as stunning.

I found that when I layered this with three coats, it’s also just a stunning polish all on its own. I found this polish to be like most Colors by Llarowe colors – quick drying and just gorgeous to look at. Am I biased? Heck yeah!!!

Come see why I have this massive love for Colors by Llarowe.

Colors by Llarowe The OodColors by Llarowe The Ood – Diffused Light.

Colors by Llarowe The OodLeft finger (ring finger) with Colors by Llarowe The Ood layered over white; right finger (pinkie) is the polish on regular nail.

Colors by Llarowe The OodLayered over black. How gorgeous are these colors?

Just some information you need to know about the nail polish:

Now that you’ve seen this, do you feel you need Colors by Llarowe The Ood in your nail polish flakie collection?

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