Koh Metallic Green

Friday, 12 October, 2012
Koh Metallic Green

Koh Metallic Green is the holographic polish that a lot of people drool over…and I was so fortunate to have gotten ahold of it courtesy of a friend who goes to Amsterdam every Christmas with her husband…

My friend also bought other Koh polishes for me (Platinum Silver…swoon! and it makes an appearance on my accent nail). FYI – Platinum Silver will be featured tomorrow.

Koh Metallic Green was this crazy holographic polish that was hard to subdue. What I was trying to do was show not only the overall holo of it, but the base color. Kind of hard to do given that Koh Metallic Green wanted to shine and not be denied. It was flashy and I loved it.

I used two coats over NFU Oh’s Aqua Base – that definitely helped tame Koh Metallic Green in a way that I didn’t expect. Actually, Aqua Base really tamed a lot of my holographic polishes that I had deemed moody and temperamental.

Koh Metallic Green dried very quickly – it took me by surprise, to be honest. Like I’d finish one hand and then move on to the next and finish it…and come back to my first hand and it would be completely dry. I literally finished this manicure in under ten minutes. Five minutes were spent with my Poshe top coat drying!

Now when you look at the polish, you will notice a lot of tip wear and some flaws throughout the nail polish on my nail bed. There’s an explanation for it — I was able to get this mani to last for four days before I took the picture. I know, I know…I should’ve taken a picture before the wear set in, but I wanted to see how long it could last. On day five it was looking pretty shabby, though.

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Koh Metallic Green

Koh Metallic Green – Shade

Koh Metallic Green

Koh Metallic Green – Sun

Koh Platinum Silver