Koh Platinum Silver

Monday, 15 October, 2012
Koh Platinum Silver

Koh Platinum Silver is the kind of holographic polish that a lot of people swoon over. Come and see why…

I used NFU Oh’s Aqua Base and this lasted a whole four days. Please pardon the tip wear – I thought I took pictures before just continuing on with life…wrong! So, before I took off the color, I snapped a few shots. I do have the green accent nail which happens to be Metallic Green.

Koh Platinum Silver lasted for four days, but it wouldn’t have lasted any longer – the thumb started to peel up on day four, which prompted the removal. Holographic polishes, by nature, are not meant to be worn for the long haul like some colors. Koh Platinum Silver is, in my humble opinion, like almost every other holographic polish out there…I guess I’m over the holographic thing because I have my OMG and LOL collection from China Glaze. I mean, my head can be turned by holographic polishes because they’re nail polish! However, the colors are so expected – green, silver, blue, purple, lavender, etc. It’s almost like looking at clones, but with different names.

That said, I don’t mind holographics. I still buy them because…they’re nail polish. Plain and simple. The collector in me can’t hold back on it. I fully admit to my weakness.

Koh Platinum Silver has a good formula that dries quickly and was no more difficult to use than other holographic polishes.

That said, please gaze upon the prettiness of this color and all of its holo goodness.

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Koh Platinum Silver

Koh Platinum Silver – Shade

Koh Platinum Silver

Koh Platinum Silver – sun

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