Cirque Lonesome George

Friday, 28 June, 2013
Cirque Lonesome George

Cirque Lonesome George is this…insane green holo you’ve got to see to believe.


I’m super excited because tomorrow my bestie bestie bestie BFFFFFFFFFFFFF in the whole wide world (she also happens to be my cousin) is flying in from New York with her husband. We’ve got things planned and I’m so stoked she’s coming out. I’m bursting with excitement!

Once again, Annie over at Cirque got it right! To say I was choked up when I saw this was an understatement. The bottle alone nearly sent me into a tizzy when I unwrapped it, but once on my nail, I nearly passed out from the gorgeousness.

This is my new camera so I’m still on a steep learning curve and it (the camera) just wanted to drown out the holo goodness you see. It actually dulled and culled the holo so much, it almost seems like this is not a holo polish at all…au contraire, my friend.

If you own this or plan on owning this, please know right now that this is the kind of green holo that I think everyone should have in their collection. It’s linear, but it’s also a bit bigger and chunkier than other holos…plus, it’s not so big and chunky that you think it’s glitter holo. I hope I’m making sense!

The formula is also superb – two coats and this was opaque. I didn’t need an aqua base (thank goodness!) and this dried so quickly I was startled. I know most holos tend to dry quickly, but I can still surprised, ok?

As always, please right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab. When in the new tab, click on the image (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Cirque Lonesome George

Cirque Lonesome George – macro bottle shot


Cirque Lonesome George

Cirque Lonesome George nail semi-macro shot, sunlight

Cirque Lonesome George

Cirque Lonesome George

Cirque Lonesome George

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À bientôt!


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