Revlon Punk and Golden Charm

Tuesday, 8 November, 2011
Revlon Golden Charm Punk

I saw these in the store a while back and grabbed them…and I’m certainly glad I did.


With names like these (Punk and Golden Charm), I was under the impression that it would be bold, in your face and all around eye catching. While eye-catching in their own right, I felt these were too delicate for their names. When I think Punk, I think edgy. Gritty. Strong. I felt this was a bit of a misnomer and so far off the mark that I just went, “ehhh…it’s ok.” Despite its green, it didn’t make me scream. Maybe it’s good for stamping or something, but it’s not anything spectacular for everyday “I’m looking for edgy” wear. This color seems almost spring-like, despite it being released for fall 2011. However, punk is about doing something unexpected. I think Revlon wanted to do something like that for Fall. During a season that is famous for darker colors, Revlon gave us pastels. How very punk of you Revlon. Well played.

As for Golden Charm, I was expecting this booming gold that would rival tray-sures found from the depths of the ocean. Not so much. It’s a nice gold, but I feel it wouldn’t even be festive. This is too delicate. Too fussy…too…not what I was hoping for. Again, this felt like it was meant for spring. I like names for colors that actually describe them.

At any rate, these formulas were very good in terms of drying time. Application was a bit rough and a little too chalky for my taste. I had some decent control. It was definitely much better than I expected. I’m not saying pass on these, but if you can find them…grab them! They’re pretty enough to have in your collection and I’ve yet to find something close/dupeable in my collection.

Revlon Golden Charm Punk

Revlon Golden Charm Punk

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