OPI – At Your Quebec and Call AND Rainforest

Monday, 5 April, 2010

Someone I know has had this color for a while when I had been on the hunt for it.  I finally was able to swatch it a few months ago but forgot to put it up. Then the person just gave me the bottle, citing they don’t really wear polish so what’s the point of having it around? So I grabbed it and ran before she could even change her mind. Thank you! 😀

At Your Quebec and Call is one of those greens that you can still find if you’re looking hard enough…on eBay. It’s not as pricey as OPI’s Rainforest. See the colors below!

A very pretty green-gold, don’t you think? And the shimmer through it is absolutely gorgeous.

I forgot how badly nail polish smelled before most lines went 3 Free. When I put this on, I nearly passed out from the fumes. It was, quite literally, that bad. Drying time on this made me want to gouge my eyes out. The fidgety girl in me was dying at the 30 minute mark…on the first coat. It wasn’t even a heavy application. A heavy application was near impossible because of the runny formula. I’m used to 3 Free and I’ll keep it that way. However, I’m glad I’ve got this bottle in my stash!

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