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Revlon’s Sunshine Sparkle vs Chanel’s Mimosa

Wednesday, 8 June, 2011

Ah…the joys of owning nail polish. I can do fun comparisons. It never entered my head to keep up the comparisons when I started doing them last year, but as my collection grew I noticed there were some that really were so close to others that I had to put them side by side and let them duke it out!

I am featuring Revlon’s Sunshine Sparkle in this post because I’ve already written about Chanel’s Mimosa.

As for the formula on this…ugh. It’s just as bad, if not worse than the hideous formula behind their Blue Lagoon. This was chalkier, chunkier, CLUMSIER to handle than Blue Lagoon. I didn’t think Revlon could mess it up even more but they did! If you must have this color, I’d suggest finding an alternative yellow…it took forever and a day to dry. It needed three coats and it took fifteen minutes for this to dry decently between coats. You can see the streaky mess it is in the pictures below.

Anyway, irritation aside, had Revlon been able to pull it together this would have been a pretty good color. It’s a delicate buttercup yellow and when pitted against Chanel’s Mimosa the only thing they have in common is the delicious little shimmer that runs through them. Mimosa is more a powerhouse LOOK AT ME rocker kind of yellow whereas Sunshine Sparkle is for a more delicate lady who lunches kind of thing. Don’t believe me? Look at the side by side comparison below!


Chanel - Peridot, Graphite and Quartz
Chanel Mimosa

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