Comparison РChanel P̩ridot vs MAC Immortal Gold

Tuesday, 11 October, 2011
Chanel Peridot v Mac Immortal Gold

I fell for MAC’s Immortal Gold. I admit it. I even went back to the mall to get it…despite my constant bitching about MAC’s formula.

So here is why I got Immortal Gold. It’s a lot like Chanel’s Péridot. It’s got that gorgeous gold thing going on, but sometimes I don’t want that duochrome. I love that liquid gold shimmer on my nails. Despite my nail polish purchases, I like plain things. I’m not a huge fan of glitter because I’m a lazy girl and I hate removal. Yes, I use the whole soak a cotton ball then wrap it with foil, blah blah blah. It’s the fact that even that is still marginally messy.

I purchased it and then decided to do a comparison - Chanel Péridot vs MAC Immortal Gold.

Anyway, Immortal Gold dried quickly and flawlessly. I was quite surprised. Péridot took a bit longer to dry, but only because of my application deficiencies! Back to my original point – these two polishes are similar with that fabulous gold base that shimmers and promises a lot. They both deliver. Chanel has that duochrome goodness that people love. Oh…I should’ve tried to mattify Immortal Gold. Wonder how that would’ve turned out?

I wasn’t too sold on the idea of IG, thinking it was a dupe for Péridot. I was wrong. I actually like both of the colors – they’ve got more strengths than weaknesses. The only weakness they both have is that the formula is crappy and chips so fast. However, that’s not a complaint that’s new on my part. I’m notorious for complaining about MAC and Chanel formulas.

IG was flawless when I applied it…it was like butta! I only needed 2 medium coats and it really performed well. I don’t think it’s a long haul polish like some of the other brands, but this is definitely something to wear out for a night on the town. Don’t be surprised if it chips while you’re out, though.

Ok…tiny rant (then I provide pictures for you!). There is a nail polish guy I go to and get a lot of my polishes for a fraction of the retail price. Like this guy is AMAZEBALLS. He and his wife know me, set stuff aside for me…call me! So imagine my horror and surprise when he said that a major brand (I’ve spoken about them here a lot, but no longer do since they sold out) was getting upset because someone who purchased polish from him has been re-selling it to places like…oh, Target and some other national stores. The quality control number is traced back to the guy I purchase from. Imagine his surprise when he’s told by MAJOR BRAND that if it keeps happening, they will no longer sell to him. Why does one greedy ass person have to spoil it for people like me who love polish and have zero intentions of re-selling? He has an idea of who it is and I told him, “DON’T SELL TO THAT BIATCH!” In this economy, he really can’t afford to not sell to her. However, mark my words…if I find out who you are, you can bet you will have a bunch of Bay Area nail polish gals who will come after you for nearly ruining our crack supplier. Ok, rant done.

The promised pics. You know the spiel on if you want to see the original size — click the thumbnail, which takes you to another thumbnail on a new page. Click that thumbnail and it take you to the original size of the picture. Ugly hangnails and all…

Chanel Péridot v Mac Immortal Gold


Chanel Péridot v Mac Immortal Gold


Chanel Rose Exuberant

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