Zoya – Caitlin

Tuesday, 17 May, 2011

Part of Zoya’s Summer collection for 2011 called Intimate, this color is a bit like a periwinkle but also a bit of a violet with a deep grey undertone. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Come on over and see the gorgeous creme…


This is a beautiful creme. I like this color a lot. Know why? Because it’s as close to a periwinkle that I can wear. I look awful in periwinkle. I love the name, look hideous in it. I put on a periwinkle top once and I swear I heard the woman in the changing stall next to me gasp in horror. I look like a zombie when I wear that particular color – it washes me out; it makes the greys I never knew I possessed in my skin tone come out and give me Zombie scary Carinae tone. And girl…it ain’t purty.

However, there is enough purple in this to make it look like a periwinkle on me, even though it’s more of a dusty grey lilac. It is a gorgeous color. I love it. L O V E  I T.

I don’t know why I’ve been taking forever in swatching this collection. I feel like smacking myself now. I love these colors. I’ve currently got Dannii and Marley on two different hands. Now all I need is the sun to come out and play so I can finally start on the nail polish Mr Carinae has brought me from Sweden. He found a pretty holographic for me! *squees*

Formula: Fast drying. No cuticle pull. Perfectly opaque in two medium coats. If you can, grab this color – it’s well worth it.

Zoya - Dannii
Zoya - Kimmy