Essie – Smokin’ Hot vs Zoya – Kelly

Wednesday, 17 November, 2010

Essie’s Smokin’ Hot is literally, smokin’ hot. It’s gorgeous. It’s plummier, yummier. So gorgeous. Hotter. It’s a great way for Essie to say hello to the Holidays for 2010. Zoya’s Kelly holds its own quite well and is gorgeous, but when pitted against Essie, I definitely prefer Smokin’ Hot.

While Essie shines in color, it is, quite sadly, deficient in application. A bit moody – in that godawful once a month kind of way. It took three coats to get it to the color you see in the pictures and it took forever and a day to dry. It held me up for the day I had allocated for swatching. Zoya dried quickly and only needed two coats.

I really should’ve had taken a picture of these colors in artificial lighting because that’s where they both fall extremely similar – you would almost never be able to tell the difference.

Anyway, come see what I mean below. I also tested for wearability on both and found they held their own after 3 days – all you’ll see is tip wear and my ghetto cuticles. It’s my right hand – what can I say?

Essie Smokin Hot Zoya Kelly

.Essie Smokin Hot Zoya Kelly

Essie - Limited Addiction
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