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Saturday, 19 March, 2011

It’s Saturday. It’s raining. But this collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge came in on Friday and sent me into a tizzy. I was only able to swatch two of the colors. I discovered I couldn’t wait until Monday to do an all four colors post…so you’ll have to settle for two on this rainy Saturday. Well, it’s raining here in California. Not sure about the rest of you, but I hope you have sunshine and rainbows. Oh, and satchels of gold. (if you get that reference, thank you.)

First off, let me say the formula is great. It’s lovely and glossy. It did take a bit longer to dry than some other brands, but when it finishes and delivers the one two punch it does, I will not bitch. I can’t. It is on target and at $18 a bottle, I’d expect nothing less. RBL has always knocked it out of the park for me, justifying that hefty price tag.

Let me preface the pictures with some advice – click on the images to make them huge and see the shimmer and color better. Please ignore the bad cuticles and application, though.

Decorous was described as “a perfectly ladylike light cocoa, a hardly boring neutral to offset bright tropical hues or to add a chic finish to an all-black ensemble.” At first the color reminded me of Chanel’s Particuliere, but whereas Particuliere is a bit more on the lighter more pink side, this is a lovely cocoa/taupe that set my heart all aflutter. Plus, the faint shimmer running through it keeps it from being flat and dull. Had it not been for the shimmer, this would’ve been another taupe…which I would have to have, of course!

Clicking on this image and making it bigger will show you the faint shimmer in this color that truly makes it the stunner that it is. The flash shot made it seem like a deeper lilac tone, but the overcast shot makes it look like the grayed out lilac that it is. Ji described “is the toned-down gray lilac of a pressed corsage. Punked out rather than pastel. Wear it with Bardot-worthy uber-feminine dresses, muddied neutrals or nonchalant leather-clad rocker ensembles.” I have to agree with her on it.

Without a doubt, Insouciant is my favorite color out of the entire collection. I really do love this grayed out lilac because I often have problems with pastels…and while this color hints at pastel, it’s really not. It’s got enough edge to make it look good on lil old yellow/brown girl like me!

I’ll be posting the other two colors on Monday…or Sunday if I can’t control myself!

What do you think?

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