Rescue Beauty Lounge РRecherch̩ and Iconoclast

Sunday, 20 March, 2011

Oh, Ji. What have you done? Really, girlfriend. What have you done? Just when I thought my nail polish obsession was waning, you come out with this collection that just stokes the fire and makes it burn even more.

What am I talking about? Why, Rescue Beauty Lounge‘s Iconic/Ironic collection. I swatched Insouciant and Decorous yesterday and today I offer Recherché and Iconoclast.

Formula was great! High gloss and fast drying – even faster than Insouciant and Decorous. Go figure! These were two coats and how glamorous are they?

As always, please click the images to make them the original size…click the picture and it takes you to another window. Look at the options directly above the picture and it will give a crazy underlined number like 2238 x 9000 (not those exactly, but you get the point I hope). Click on that number and then bam! Big picture. If your pointer becomes a magnifying glass, that only means there is an even bigger image available. So go for it!

Recherché is a color Ji describes as “…a purplish dark brown prune, an exotic accent that grounds oversize prints better than an expected summer pink or coral.” I don’t know how she did it, but she created this color and I didn’t even know I needed it. It’s dusty. It’s musty. It’s gorgeous. I thought Paradoxal was my be all, end all in purples. But what Ji did was make a purple that is a creme (*swoons*) and is a shade of purple in a jacket I have been dreaming about…and lost out on because I thought it would be there the next week when I came back. I’m on the hunt again for that jacket and if I see you wearing it on the street…be warned. I’m gonna jump you and cut you for it! While wearing this fabulous color, of course!

Iconoclast is “A richly pigmented ebony with layers of fine glitter, giving it depth and a metallic, mica-like finish. I’m wearing it with EVERYTHING—ladylike suits, whimsical prints, nautical classics—everything BUT black!”

In the bottle I thought this was a little too close to Chanel’s Black Satin from years ago…I’ll have to do a comparison, but I think where Chanel was a bit more gray in appearance, this is a black with a hint of some fine microglitter/shimmer. I have always had a soft spot for black nail polish. It appeals to the edgy girl in me that’s been toned down a bit thanks to years of travel. It takes a lot of effort to be edgy and when you’re traveling and moving so much, you can’t bring along as many accessories as you’d like to to achieve the look you’re used to. Nail polish has always been able to help me keep my edgy side alive and kicking. Thanks for these colors..for the rest of the week I’m going to be rocking Recherché. I think I have to get back ups of Recherché and Insouciant.

Chanel's Black Satin vs Rescue Beauty Lounge's Iconoclast
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Insouciant and Decorous