Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama

Wednesday, 5 January, 2011
Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama

Once again, Ginger & Liz totally make me have much love for them. Somehow, somewhere along the way the nail polish gods heard my pleas for colors that would look good on a brown girl like me…nearly all of the colors I have from G&L (save for one that was ok, but it wasn’t a disaster) have looked good enough when worn and have garnered some wonderful compliments.

The formula for Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama was a dream and the gloss was incredibly high and gorgeous…which I ruined the moment I did the cuticle oil.

Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama is truly the perfect purple I looked for in a creme that was close to eggplant but didn’t turn to a near black when dry. If you’re into purple polishes, this is one you shouldn’t pass up.

Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama

Look at that…just look at Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama! So pretty.

Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama

I love that in the sunlight, Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama turns this blue but more purple shade…it really looks fabulous on me and I was so tempted to do a retro 80s mani with Goin’ Back to Cali and Hold The Drama. Not sure about some of you girls out there, but in the 80s I was all about purple and neon pink.

I really love this color. Easily Top 10 for me.

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