Face Stockholm 45

Thursday, 8 September, 2011

I put up a new banner of polishes…and yes, it’s all Face Stockholm. I had to make do with the stash I had. No way was I going to snag some stock photo or take something from someone that didn’t belong to me.

That said, the second color from the left is the color I’m featuring today! It’s Face Stockholm 45.

Face Stockholm 45 label

I know I’m a broken record with regards to the “fast drying” topcoat of Face Stockholm. Once again you see it at work…this was 10 hours after I had put it on and gone to bed.

Face Stockholm 45 shade

Face Stockholm 45 Sunlight

It was quite hard to process this particular shade of purple creme – I really love Face Stockholm 45. In the banner it appears one way and in these shots it appears in another. I didn’t want to over manipulate it, but these shots are representative of the spectrum that this shade has.

It is, quite frankly, one of my favorite purples. It reminds me of Ginger & Liz’s Who’s The Boss?, but while both are close they have different aspects that I like. I’ve included shots of Who’s The Boss? at the bottom of the post for you to see.

One of the things I’m not too thrilled about is the brush of Face Stockholm polishes – they’re standard and they do the job all right, but I wish that the strands were a bit more on the Rescue Beauty Lounge/Ginger & Liz side. Their brushes make polish application a lot easier and far more manageable.

The formula for Face Stockholm 45 dried a bit faster than the other FS colors, but this was a bit thin and streaky. I had to do three coats. I gave all the coats ample time to dry – I had been up at 8am, I showered and had the 3 coats done by noon, allowing an hour for drying between. Really…how old school is that?! I put the fast drying topcoat on at 1pm. So imagine my shock and horror when I went to bed at midnight-ish, waking up the next day and seeing the imprints of my hair in the polish. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — FAST DRYING TOP COAT MY ASS!!!!!!

Ginger & Liz Who’s The Boss? below

Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss Shade

Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss Sunlight

Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss Shade


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