Color Club Disco Dress AN24

Thursday, 24 July, 2014
Color Club Disco Dress

Color Club Disco Dress is a gorgeous vibrant purple creme polish.

I’m a fan of Color Club, but I rarely buy whole sets. Sometimes it’s hard to find and the people that were my go-to folk for polish is back in California. I ended up ordering this off of some site because I realized I didn’t have this purple and this did NOT disappoint!

Color Club Disco Dress is a vibrant purple that threw off my camera. I was able to capture the two true tones/saturation in the direct light shot which will be the last two images at the bottom of the post. Color Club Disco Dress waffled between a blurple and an almost royal purple. The thing that I truly love most about Color Club polishes is that they rarely ever bubble on me, despite the fact I tend to just slap the color on from thumb to pinkie without missing a beat. I know I’m supposed to wait five minutes between coats, but sometimes momma don’t have time for that when she’s on a swatching spree. This particular formula dried very quickly. So quickly that it wasn’t even tacky anymore in under the two minutes it took me to go from thumb to pinkie. Insane, right?

Color Club Disco Dress is a color I say you need…but if you’re still undecided, let the swatches do the talking for me.

Color Club Disco Dress

Color Club Disco Dress

Color Club Disco DressJPG shot of Color Club Disco Dress.

Color Club Disco DressRAW shot of Color Club Disco Dress

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