Zoya – Robyn (Summer 2010 – Flash Collection)

Friday, 13 August, 2010

I sometimes cringe at blue colors. Especially when they’re turquoise. I admit to cringing a bit when I put this on. However, this color grew on me. It sometimes worked with my skin and sometimes didn’t. I found more often than not it worked. When I’m in the mood, I love me some bright colors – just not hideously I-can-find-you-in-the-dark-while-wearing-sunglasses kind of bright, but this definitely is more in tune with what I consider an acceptable bright color for me.

Maybe I’m getting ballsy in my old age. 😉

Formula: Again, great application. I rarely have problems with Zoya and when/if I do it’s so minor I have a fierce internal debate with whether I should mention it or not because the flaw is usually by my hand (literally). As you can see on my ring finger, there is some nail peeking through…again, that’s me and my heavy handed application. 😀

Zoya - Kristi
OPI Flutter Collection (Part I)- Wing It! and Catch Me In Your Net / Zoya - Charla - Summer 2010