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Ginger & Liz nail polish swatch

Last bit of Ginger & Liz stash – Boy Toy and Tough Luxe

Tuesday, 6 April, 2010

I’m showing the last 2 G&L colors I’ve got – Boy Toy and Tough Luxe. Hope you like them. 🙂

This color actually looked halfway decent on me given my skin tone and color. I found the application for a color like this unusually smoother and easier than colors of this type. Only 2 coats were needed and it wasn’t streaky. I do believe the brush helped with the overall application. What the pictures fail to show is the extremely faint shimmer that runs through this nail polish. That faint shimmer keeps the shade from being dull and lifeless.

I love this color – it’s a dusty grey with a golden shimmer. It looks impressive in the picture and it’s even more incredible in real life. This is one shad that does not fail.

Ginger & Liz – New Money and Chase Me

Monday, 29 March, 2010

Now, I really must apologize in advance for the bad manicure and nail polish application…I was sick last week and in my hazy moments I honestly thought the nails looked good…even when I was outside taking the pics! I was *still* convinced right up until about 15 minutes ago when I started cropping and watermarking the pictures. A million apologies.

One coat and it looks beautiful. However, it’s not glossy. I wondered if this was meant to be a Wax Coat and wasn’t labeled?

Views with and without top coat; 2 applications of the color.

How pretty does this look?!

Prettier and  more accurate view of the color without top coat in its semi-gloss/semi-matte state.

So I really shouldn’t be allowed to paint my nails while I’m sick and I am clearly not a leftie when it comes to being able to do things. 🙂 That said, isn’t this color just beautiful?!

Ginger & Liz – Can You Keep A Secret?

Wednesday, 24 March, 2010

Yes, I can keep a secret. I’ll be honest, this is one secret I don’t want to keep! I know I’ve gone on and on about how much I love the Ginger & Liz colors and the brush in addition to the application…and I know I’m going to wear myself (and you) out, but I’ll keep on singing their praises. Nubar and Ginger & Liz = the 2 BEST nail polish in terms of application and wear I’ve ever encountered. They make China Glaze, OPI, Essie and everything else mega ghetto in my eyes.

Anyway, here is even MORE Ginger & Liz love…more will follow during the day because I’ll be adding two more swatches to this post or I’ll post twice in one day! G&L have made me that much of a fan.

I truly wish I could carry off a wonderful dove gray like this, but I can’t. If it had a hint of blue in it, it’d have a fighting chance with my mega asian girl skin tone. None the less, isn’t it a gorgeous color?!

Ginger & Liz – More Love!

Thursday, 18 March, 2010

Yea, I admit it…I really like the formula for Ginger & Liz and the brush is pretty awesome. I was a bit disconcerted at first, but found that the brush really does make a difference. I like it.

This sort of reminds me of Rage from Orly Foil FX, but this is more champagne/gold toned. However, it’s not as gold like Luxe (thank God). This color is currently rockin’ my fingertips.

Aww yea, baby! I’ve said that other colors remind me of Chanel’s original Vamp, but this…this truly comes closest to it, IMO. Others were a bit too dark, some too wine-y, some too red, while others had a smidge of purple. This is what I remember Vamp (Rouge Noir) looking like on me, but glossier. This is a semi-matte (or semi-gloss as hubby said last night over dinner) and I’m loving it.

I can’t wait to get the other G&L colors on my fingers and take pics!