Ginger & Liz – More Love!

Thursday, 18 March, 2010

Yea, I admit it…I really like the formula for Ginger & Liz and the brush is pretty awesome. I was a bit disconcerted at first, but found that the brush really does make a difference. I like it.

This sort of reminds me of Rage from Orly Foil FX, but this is more champagne/gold toned. However, it’s not as gold like Luxe (thank God). This color is currently rockin’ my fingertips.

Aww yea, baby! I’ve said that other colors remind me of Chanel’s original Vamp, but this…this truly comes closest to it, IMO. Others were a bit too dark, some too wine-y, some too red, while others had a smidge of purple. This is what I remember Vamp (Rouge Noir) looking like on me, but glossier. This is a semi-matte (or semi-gloss as hubby said last night over dinner) and I’m loving it.

I can’t wait to get the other G&L colors on my fingers and take pics!

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