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China Glaze Holographic

China Glaze – Octa Gone Wild and QT

Friday, 18 March, 2011

I’ve been slacking. I fully admit it, though I hang my head in shame when I say why. I’m sadly sucked into the world of a video game I’m playing – Dragon Age 2. This is my first time playing an RPG (role playing game). Traditionally, I’ve played MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing game) – EverQuest and WoW to name a couple. So this time I’m playing DA2 on the XBox. I’ve been bound and determined to finish the game, but I’m about 75% through the game and I realized…I hate how my character is relating to another. What have I done? Why, I’ve scrapped the game and started a new one…and am discovering new quests and relationships because I’ve changed one line of dialogue.So while thrilled, I’m also going, “OMG. What have I gotten into?!”

Anyway, since I didn’t do a post yesterday I’m throwing in the color along with my Friday Red.

I am showing you my attempt at doing a week of Holographic polish…here are 2 polishes from China Glaze – Octa Gone Wild and QT

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Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder – Enchanted Garnet

Friday, 11 March, 2011


I know my red is late…it’s very late. I hate it when I’m behind, but I was all over the freeways today. Mostly driving from here to Pleasanton to go to a Gem Faire. It was meh. I’ve been to much better and I wish that my gem guys had been there. I found a new vendor and yay for me!

Anyway, the color I present for this Friday’s red is a bit gorgeous, if a bit moody to work with.


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Chanel – Tulipe Noire

Friday, 25 February, 2011
Chanel Tulipe Noire

This shade of red is gorgeous. I love it. I dislike shimmers and anything that gets in the way of a gorgeous creme polish. However, this shade won me over.

Chanel Tulipe Noire

Come on in and check it out…

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MAC – Wonder Woman

Friday, 18 February, 2011

Friday Reds! Yes, I said reds. It’s plural. How so? Nail polish, lipstick AND eyeshadow? That’s how! Yup. This is one post that has it all…after the jump!

I hope I don’t make your eyes don’t bleed.

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Zoya – Stacy

Friday, 11 February, 2011

I have been slacking this past week…I keep meaning to post tons of things, then I’d forget. I’d get sidelined. I almost forgot to post for today. I have Monday’s post all lined up in my head and I hope it turns out well…It’s an anti-Valentine’s Day post. 😉

For now, here is Zoya’s Stacy.

Happy Friday!

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MAC – Concubine

Friday, 4 February, 2011

This is today’s Friday Red with massive reservations. I don’t know what the heck is going on with MAC and mercifully their Rodart line for this past fall was killed. However, sneaking in a polish name with a negative connotation such as this really shows (to me) how out of touch MAC seems to be getting with their ethnic fan base. Some can say I’m being sensitive, but when you’ve messed with your Rodarte line (c’mon, its inspiration is a Mexican town where violence against women is common and IGNORED!) and now you’ve got a color called Concubine (and it’s an Asian red, to boot!)…you’re messed up. Heads need to roll and a new person with taste and sensitivity need to be put in.

Anyway, this red is part of their Nail Trend F/W 2010. On to the Friday Red!

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