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OPI Holiday 2009

Loves You Snow Much OPI Holiday 2009

China Glaze Holiday 2009 Collection – Loves You Snow Much

Wednesday, 13 January, 2010

5 Golden Rings 
Indoors, luminescent lighting. (L) Outdoors (R)
Love this. I am normally not one to branch out past dark nail polish, but this…this lifted me up and made me consider wearing it more than once. Maybe I’ll team it later on with an awesome red for a moon manicure.
Emerald Sparkle 
shade (L) direct sunlight (R)
3 coats…sheer beauty. I am reminded of The Matrix whenever I see this color. I love it!
 Indoors; luminescent lighting (L); Outdoors, overcast (R)
Ruby Pumps 
Indoors, luminescent lighting (L)  Direct sunlight (R)
Taken with hubby’s rockin’, kick butt camera! I love this red. I have two bottles. Why? Because If I’m not wearing Emerald Sparkle, I’m wearing this. It’s beautiful – there is a LOT going on. It’s a gorgeous close to true red. With glitter. Not just any glitter, but tiny flecks that stand out but yet are humble, too. I can’t put my finger on it, but I know that I call this my awesome sauce color.
Holiday Wishes OPI Holiday 2009

OPI Holiday Collection 2009 – Holiday Wishes – Part I

Monday, 14 December, 2009

Festive Fuchsia – Indoors with Flash
Ok, I’ve swatched it and was so uninspired by the color I just snapped a pic with the flash then took it off my nails. doh doh It was eh. So uninspiring that I merely just took the picture with a flash and called it a day. Couldn’t even be arsed with going outside and taking a pic in the sun – how sad is that?
 All A-Bordeaux The Sled! 
shade (L); direct sunlight (R)
Ok, this…this…where do I even begin? I must wax lyrical! First coat impression: “I’ve seen this before. I loved it. I know…Chanel’s original Vamp.” I’m not talking about that crap Vamp that’s out now. I’m talking old school, circa 1994/1995 Vamp. The good stuff. I loved that color so much that I wore it till the bottle ran out…and bought another one…and used that up, too! I almost cried when I threw out the bottles, but I have here my new, much more affordable version — even though I only have one bottle. Oh dear.
  Holiday Glow and My Private Jet 
Shade (Top) Direct sunlight (Bottom)
Ok, so I totally messed up. I did my index and middle finger with Holiday Glow and I got a phone call. I had a bottle of My Private Jet (which is NOT part of the OPI Holiday 2009 collection) sitting next to Holiday Glow and thought I was finishing putting on Holiday Glow. I noticed on the 2nd coat. I didn’t want to waste anything so I just kept them side by side. I have to say, they were easy to apply. I like both of them. They’re very pretty.
 Sapphire in the Snow 
Indoors, no flash; luminescent lighting (L); outdoors, pretty Arizona sunshine (R)
I said that I was never a fan of purple nail polish, but this is such a deep dark royal purple that I fell for it. Hard. When in light, you can see the purple shine through. Absolutely beautiful, even if the formula is a bit temperamental. I found that to be true of the Spanish Collection as well. Those colors would’ve benefited from a three coat application and the same applies for the 2009 Holiday colors.  In direct sunlight…there is that gorgeous, dark royal purple coming into play. How can you not fall for a pretty purple?!