Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum

Wednesday, 28 January, 2015
Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum

Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum is part of a collaboration with color4nails.com.

The collection is called The Electric You and was released around June 2014.

Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum is a sort-of neon orange with a light to medium linear holo. Pictured below, it consists of two coats that dried quickly. I think when I wear this, I will wear it over a white polish to make it pop and be a bit brighter.

Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum can be found at the color4nails website.

I found this color to be quite pretty and a bit unusual. It is not often that you find an orange neon-leaning holographic. While not the best, it’s well executed. I was hesitant at first because it didn’t look spectacular nor appealing when just looking at the bottle. However, once on the nail, Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum looked just like it did in the bottle, but there was a subtle shift that suddenly made this very pretty.

Maybe, for once, I found a neon that wasn’t dimmed by my skin and its sallow undertones. HUZZAH!!!

Now that I’ve swatched Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum, I think I need to get to the rest of the collection.

Where to Buy:   Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum

Price:   $6.00

On to the pictures!

Celestial Cosmetics TantrumCelestial Cosmetics Tantrum in diffused light.

Celestial Cosmetics TantrumCelestial Cosmetics Tantrum in direct light

Celestial Cosmetics TantrumMacro of Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum. Click the thumbnail for the full-sized version of this picture and the other two.

Now that you’ve seen Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum, do you feel this is a color you would like to have in your collection?

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