Femme Fatale Lime Thief

Monday, 23 September, 2013
Femme Fatale Lime Thief

Femme Fatale Lime Thief is a gorgeous lime color packed with glitter.

When I had seen swatches of this color, it was this intense, close to bright lime green. Imagine my sadness that when, thanks in part again to my skin tone, this color failed to be a bright on me. Le sigh. First world problems and all that.

Femme Fatale Lime Thief is touted as “…a bright green crelly full of green, teal and orange hexes with a light scattering of magenta.

Sadly, it doesn’t look very bright green on me. That said, Femme Fatale Lime Thief is still a beautiful crelly green. Come see how pretty it is.

As always, please click on the image which will double in size…then click on the image again (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size. I will try to keep them in order as listed above.

Femme Fatale Lime Thief

Femme Fatale Lime Thief, Macro, Shade

Femme Fatale Lime Thief

Femme Fatale Lime Thief, Macro, Sunlight/Overcast

Femme Fatale Lime ThiefFlash

Femme Fatale Lime ThiefShade

Femme Fatale Lime ThiefSunlight

Someone asked me why I don’t use a light box – I’ll be honest: I don’t think light boxes truly reflect what a color is like in real life. While I think a light box can get you prettier, edgier shots of a polish, I don’t think it’s very realistic. So while my images may not be as richly saturated with jewel tones or deep hues, you are getting a real-life look at the polish in action.

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À bientôt!



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