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Girly Bits Remember Aja

Monday, 15 July, 2013
Girly Bits Remember Aja

Girly Bits Remember Aja is beautiful color for a much loved and missed beautiful girl.

This polish was created for a charity to bring awareness to the dangers of a childhood game that you may or may not have played, but more than likely knew someone who did – the choking game or the fainting game. I never did this as a tween or a teen, but I know of a few girls who did or would.

No more sadness! Girly Bits Remember Aja is downright gorgeous. It’s a lavender purple with glitter and holo tendencies. I was unable to fully capture the holo moments, but you do see them come through here and there in the photos. This formula was a bit on the sheer side and two coats did not really make it shine, but when I put on the third one, my heart was singing.

This is a fast drying formula and I had to be a bit heavier handed than usual in application due to the mostly sheerness of the color. Hope I’m making sense. I’m a little tired and my bed is calling.

This is my first time using a Girly Bits product and I’m extremely happy and pleased with it. I also purchased her Canuck the Dots as well. I had to have it for the name alone! I can’t wait to purchase more polishes from Girly Bits.

As always, please right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab. When in the new tab, click on the image (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Girly Bits Remember Aja

Girly Bits Remember Aja, Macro

Girly Bits Remember Aja

I really do find purples like this to be so beautiful in any setting and this one is no exception.

Girly Bits Remember Aja

Girly Bits Remember Aja

The holo is peeking out and playing in the shot, but make no mistake that in person this really shows why it’s called a holo.

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À bientôt!