Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick

Friday, 14 December, 2012
Rescue Beauty Lounge drawer

WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA? Ok, I won’t be yelling his name SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS!!! All right, I lied. In 2008, Ji released Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick.

Billed as “If your fingernails could blush, they’d turn this shade of sheer peachy coral. Utterly feminine, yet super chic and sophisticated.” Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick is this peachy shade that I thought I was going to maybe not like as much as I looooove most of RBL colors. Jelly in finish, this was sheer and I did three coats just so it looked nice and even…not like my friend’s three year old painted my nails.

Drying time was much faster than the other two in this collection (Bikini Bottom and Square Pants) and I found that I am actually loving corals. Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick appeared more peachy on me than I thought it would, but I really didn’t mind how it looked.

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick

Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick – Shade

See how peachy it looks in the shade shot? Three medium coats were applied to achieve this look.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick

Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick – Sun

While I love this color, it really isn’t the best color for my skin tone. BOOO. However, just because it doesn’t look good on me means I’ll be giving it away. OH NO! I’m a total polish collector and even the remote thought of giving away a polish makes me a little nervous…I almost want to shake and cry; it’s almost like giving up a much loved pet!

You can currently get Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick as part of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s BIB4.

One last thing…I used to joke that I had a goal for my Rescue Beauty Lounge drawer in my Ikea Helmer – I wanted it to be full. That goal is almost there. Have a peek at the drawer!

Rescue Beauty Lounge drawer

Rescue Beauty Lounge drawer

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