Ruby Wing

Ruby Wing Fate

Tuesday, 6 November, 2012
Ruby Wing Fate

Color Club came out with a line of UV color changing nail polish called Ruby Wing. I purchased a couple of bottles and this is my first offering.

Ruby Wing Fate is this wonderful lavender/purple. In the shade it’s gorgeous lavender creme that was opaque in two quick, thin coats. Ruby Wing Fate in the sun is bangin’ purple creme that I kept staring at. The color change is amazing. Furthermore, I love that Ruby Wing Fate did not bubble in between coats. It dried so fast I was actually surprised in a way that was very good.

Formula is great – it didn’t chip after being on my nails after five days.

However, the UV aspect – the color changing between shade and sunlight – did fade after two or three days. On and after the fourth day it stayed this strange combination between lavender and the deep purple. I did like that color, too.

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Ruby Wing Fate

Ruby Wing Fate – Shade

 This shade shot actually when it was mid-color change because I started to drag this color out into the sun. It is actually a few shades lighter. I had accidentally erased the other shade shots and this was as close to the light lavender shade I could get. Please don’t ask about my not-so-stellar digital card erasure moment.

Ruby Wing Fate

Ruby Wing Fate – Sunlight

This dark deep purple is gorgeous, isn’t it?

If you haven’t had a chance to try out these polishes, I strongly suggest you give them a try – they are fabulous and I can’t wait to purchase more.

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