Barielle Green Opal

Friday, 16 March, 2012

When I first saw this on Barielle’s site, I got a little excited. I am a fan of Barielle and I love their polishes!

Plus, I got excited because I thought this might be a dupe or at least a close thing to –> Chanel’s Peridot <– , but I was wrong. While this is a pretty color on its own, it’s no Peridot. It’s Green Opal!

Formula was good and didn’t bubble with my initial thick coat because I was unsure of how the formula would work…remember, heavy handed girl here. 😀

There were some lovely thick flecks of tiny gold glitter which gave this polish an overall golden sheen which melded well with this shade of green. Now this green is interesting because it reminds me of one of my favorite stones – prehnite. It’s a milky shade of green and it’s gorgeous! So imagine how thrilled I was when Barielle threw in some subtle gold glitter into this mix, putting another dimension on this color.

Formula was was great as I said – it didn’t bubble. Sometimes that happens no matter how thin your coats are. It also dried quickly, too! However, this wasn’t a high gloss formula. It was slightly matte – I want to say almost like a candle-wax finish. I slapped on a coat of Poshe fast drying top coat. I know some of you have asked why I don’t use Seche Vite – it’s the formaldehyde. It reeks and literally makes me wretch every time I open up the bottle.

Come and see why this won my heart — as always, click on the thumbnail to show this baby in its original size.

The flecks almost look glass like, don’t they?

Much as I love sunlight shots, I sometimes think the sun totally kills the color. Some say it’s a true test of the color and opacity. This washed out the color, yet made it glow a bit, too.

What do you think?

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