Zoya – Shawn

Thursday, 10 March, 2011



I know I didn’t post anything on Wednesday. I honestly had every intention of doing so, but I got distracted by a game Mr Carinae brought home the night before. It’s called Dragon Age 2. I’m not a big RPG player on a console. I’m an MMORPG kind of girl, but an old school MMORPG – EverQuest. Yea, I went there. It’s how I roll. I played the beta on FB for Dragon Age Legends because…well, Mr Carinae persuaded me to. Got my beta key and was on my way. So anyway, it’s how I got into playing DA2. I’m fumbling with the console for the xBox because I’m so used to gaming on my PC. I will stop with my nerdy self now before I really bore you  all with my totally useless knowledge.

In my head I had this awesome green scheduled for Wednesday and I totally bailed. The color is Zoya’s Shawn, which was part of Zoya’s Fall 2010 Collection called Wonderful. It’s a gorgeous green crème that really made my heart sing with total happiness. Application was wonderful, however, the formula was a bit thick that dried quickly. If I rushed it a bit, it did have a tendency to bubble and I re-started on some fingers because I hate bubbles in my dang nail polish!

Anyway, I hope you like this color because it really shined for me. It’s truly a great color and if you don’t have it, snap it up because it’s a rockin’ kind of green that is great year round.

Look at how pretty it is in the shade, but it dazzles in the sun. Not in an Edward way.

Hello, pretty shininess! You shine even more in the sun.

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Zoya - Valerie