StrangeBeautiful Volume I

Earth Day – 2 Greens – StrangeBeautiful and Rescue Beauty Lounge

Thursday, 22 April, 2010

Yes, I have fallen prey to the Earth Day thing…but maybe it’s because I was born in raised in the Bay Area and we take our Earth Day seriously, as does the rest of California and parts of the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

I am showing you two greens – the first is from the StrangeBeautiful Collection Volume I. That was sent to me by my very awesome friend Kelly. Thank you! When we’re in Vegas I definitely owe you several drinks. 🙂 The green from the StrangeBeautiful collection didn’t have a name so I generically called it…green. Hah. Good thing no one’s ever asked me to name a nail polish or anything. The other is a Rescue Beauty Lounge green called Recycle. C’est très à propos, n’est-ce pas? Oui!

These two colors are 3 free and vegan. Rock on!

Finally, kudos to Zoya for re-instating (however brief it is) their nail polish exchange from April 22, 2010 – June 30, 2010. Take advantage of it! Get rid of your old bottles of polish (except those that fall under the Zoya umbrella!) and Zoya will exchange it for a color of your choice from any of their collections. How freakin’ awesome is that? If you haven’t used Zoya before, I suggest you give this promo a shot – it’s well worth it. I’d suggest going for Ivanka – it’s green, shiny and sparkly which is perfect for your toes or your tips.

Go green, Happy Earth Day, Love Your Mother and all that.

This polish went on like a DREAM. No problems whatsoever in application – 2 extremely light coats. I could’ve actually gotten away with a single coat. It dried quickly, too! I spent about 5 minutes between each coat and each of them dried completely. How awesome is that for girls on the go?

A gorgeous green that really defies most greens for me. The color was awesome, but the formula was a lot easier than my previous bottles of RBL. 2 coats – completely opaque!

Barielle - Grape Escape
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Stormy

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