China Glaze – Below Deck vs Channelesque

Tuesday, 18 January, 2011

Below Deck is from China Glaze’s new Spring 2011 collection, Anchors Away. When China Glaze discontinued Channelesque, it was a sad day for nail polish lovers. I happened to find a bottle of it in the clearance bin of the nail polish guy I frequent in Arizona. I got it for a $1.50. Had I known it was discontinued, I’d have picked up the other bottle!

However, Below Deck is a good substitute.

Come on in and see why I think it’s a good thing!

Very very similar. And a very subtle difference. I find BD a tinge darker, but so close to Channelesque that it doesn’t raise any questions as to whether BD is better/just as good as Channelesque. It stands great on its own…and if you were kicking yourself for not being able to procure a bottle of C way back in the day, BD will definitely kill any lemming feelings you have ever had for C.

The formula for BD, on the other hand…runny and thin. Hard to work with, but I am wondering if it was just the bottle I got. I did notice that overall the formula for this collection is a bit on the runny side. It had big tendencies for cuticle pull. Not fun. Also, to get the opacity of BD in the picture it took three coats. Channelesque is two coats.

If you missed out on Channelesque, grab a bottle of Below Deck before it’s gone!

China Glaze - Anchors Away
Don't be a hater!

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