BB Couture – Daisy Dweller

Wednesday, 11 August, 2010

This shade is prime example of why I should never even attempt to wear yellow…yellow girls and yellow nail polish don’t mix. Let me be more specific, yellow girls who have my skin tone/shade really have no business wearing yellow polish of any kind. That’s my opinion.

I bought this (and I normally would never willingly buy yellow polish, by the way) because it was such a pretty yellow in the bottle. It still is. However, someway, somehow my skin tone has managed to mangle and make this color look so pathetically awful on me.

Formula: a bit on the runny side so I tried to make up for it to get an opaque shade…using 3 very heavy handed coats. It’s why you will see bubbling on the ring finger. Oops. My bad. I love how BB Couture’s polish dries quickly and this was no exception – barring my ring finger, of course. 😉

BB Couture - Midnight Malibu
BB Couture For Men - Drive Shaft