NFU Oh #60

Tuesday, 20 July, 2010

Ok, I can’t believe that I haven’t put this up yet!

While this has a black jelly base, the glitter has some wonderful play that couldn’t be captured…but if you ever do decide to get this you will definitely NOT be let down.

You can click the thumbnail for a bigger picture, which in turn will take you to a slightly bigger version. If you click on the slightly bigger version, it will take you to the original size of the photo which is pretty darn hyoooooge. The disadvantage to that you will see my bad cuticles. 🙁

While you can’t see it, there is some wonderful green, blue, gold and orange play in the glitter. You can see the green and blue at the base of the bottle in the shade shot. Then on my nails in the picture above, you see the gold and orange come into play.

The sun washed out the shot…rather, the angle of which I let the sun hit my nails washed it out. I had a very blurry one that showed the colors in all their glory. I should’ve kept that one. Grrr…

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