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Misa – Dirty, Sexy, Money

Monday, 24 May, 2010

I’ve been lemming this color for a long, long, LOOOONG time. I also scored an extra bottle. What does that mean?

Next week-ish/within the first 2 weeks in June I will do a contest giveaway.

First place winner will receive a bottle of Damone Roberts 1968, a bottle of Misa’s Dirty, Sexy, Money AND all 6 bottles of OPI’s Shrek Forever After Collection. Runner up will receive a bottle of Damone Roberts 1968. So stay tuned.

Here is Dirty, Sexy, Money on me. It’s going to be my manicure for the next few days since rain is in the forecast and I won’t be able to swatch.

Small Note: For those of you who mourned the loss of Trans Design and OPI, my fave nail polish seller in CA said their website is almost done…their prices will be 25 cents more than if you go into their store, but $4.25 for a bottle isn’t bad. I nearly fainted when I saw Zoya in the store, too! (For $3.75 a bottle.) We discussed what shipping fees would be but it sounds like it’s going to be pretty good. I’ll let you know more as soon as I find out more info.

Loved that the formula was so easy to apply and that it dried so quickly! Wonderfully opaque in two coats and it had a nice lovely high gloss. It was so shiny that I actually debated on a top coat (which I did anyway). It reminds me of  Rescue Beauty Lounge’s 360, but not as dusky.

Nubar – Hyacinth Sparkle – Spring 2010

Friday, 21 May, 2010

I am going into the weekend wearing this pretty sparkle because rain has been forecasted for tomorrow. I need something to brighten a potentially rainy weekend.

Hope you all have a good one!

This color really made me smile. It’s such a thick, dense glitter. I know it’s going to be a pain to remove from both hands, but I don’t care! Super pretty and in the sunlight? Oh baby! Tons of fire and sparkle. Lots of dizzying moments because I couldn’t stop staring at my fingers.

china glaze nail polish swatches

China Glaze – Channelesque

Thursday, 20 May, 2010

I found this in a clearance bin for $1.50. Had I known how truly and deeply I’d fall for this color, I’d have purchased all of them. Yea, I get kind of like that. I know that Channelesque has been discussed many a time, but I love how it looks on me.

Zoya – Nidhi and Gilda – Sparkle Collection, Summer 2010

Tuesday, 18 May, 2010

The last two I have to show. The sun washed out the colors, but some of the shade shots turned out decently. Nidhi’s incandescent lighting shot turned out beautifully.

See below. 🙂

Raspberry in color, it’s not a shade that looks good on me. I think the shade shot brought the good part of the polish out, but it wasn’t enough to convince me that I would like it enough to wear it on my nails during the summer.

See how gorgeous this color was until the sun hit it? Ugh. I’ll fix it, though. I look forward to wearing it a lot this summer.

BB Couture

BB Couture – Ode To A Ladybug

Monday, 17 May, 2010
BB Couture Ode To A Ladybug

I’ve always loved ladybugs. Whether they were green, yellow or red. They’re my favorite things. I think they’re so adorable and even now, when I see one, the little girl in me goes, “EEEE!!!! Must play with it.”

I was so excited to get this color, if not for the name alone. How can you NOT love the name Ode To A Ladybug? It’s so cute! However, it ended up being more of an unflattering coral on me. It looked ok in the shade and in natural light, but I wore it for a weekend and while I loved the shade, my friends were not so keen on it. 🙁 I got various comments, “You’re not old enough to be wearing a color like that.” to “Oh, girl. What were you thinking?”

I’ll let you decide.

BB Couture Ode To A Ladybug

Formula rocked it (as usual) – dried fast and this is three coats. There was a slight glitter in this and it doesn’t really show. I knew there was glitter in the polish just from the lumps I could feel after it dried. However, the glitter really didn’t go KA-POW like I’m used to. No other complaints, though. 🙂

OPI – Damone Roberts 1968 / Nubar – Knight’s Armor and Nubar 2010

Friday, 14 May, 2010

I didn’t know where to begin. I got a box and a puffy padded envelope full of nail polish in under 24 hours. I was squeeing with glee.

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I ended up just trying on Knight’s Armor, then deciding to swatch it. So it’s a sloppier than usual application for ALL these swatches. I just got a little too excited.

As for the Damone Roberts one, I had originally been wearing Knight’s Armor on my left hand and DR1968 on the other. Hah. I liked how DR1968 looked on my right hand, so I took off KA (as you might see some glitter in the DR1968 swatch) and now all my fingers are sporting DR1968…with one lone exception: my thumb. That has Nubar 2010 on top of it. I was all over the place today.

Thumbshot – Damone Roberts 1968 with Nubar 2010. Regular Shade and Sunlight shots below!

I was fully prepared to NOT like this color. I put it on…and I really liked it. I bought a few extra bottles because I plan on having a give away here soon, so stay tuned. Anyway, this formula was slightly thicker than the usual OPI but what I liked most is that it dried fast, which is unusual. This is 3 coats because I suck at applying nail polish.

I think my really bad photography skills came into play here. I feel like I made this polish look ugly. It’s not. It’s so gorgeous. I wanted to compare it to Orly’s Goth, but it wouldn’t be fair to either of the polishes. This glitter is all one size and the base for this is a bit more dark grey. Also, there is more glitter in this than Goth. Orly’s Goth is a black base with different sizes of the glitter. This was truly fabulous. Knight’s Armor is part of Nubar’s Fortress Collection.

The formula dried quickly and wasn’t as gritty due to the glitter. I have the Sparkles collection as well and that glitter collection is beautiful, but it’s so dense that when I applied a top coat, it never was a full glossy shine. You’d end up seeing and feeling the texture of the glitter underneath.

I’ll be swatching Nubar’s Fortress Collection soon, but in the meantime, I just had to get this pretty color out there and into my swatch blog.