Serum No 5 Day Glow

Friday, 27 September, 2013
Serum No 5 Day Glow

Serum No 5 Day Glow  is this lovely pale, unassuming bright lemon yellow.

Unassuming isn’t a bad thing, because it’s like a rock star before they step on stage. Serum No 5 Day Glow is exactly like that. Unfortunately, it took some time to get there.

However, getting to the stage you see it at below was a bit of a pain. It was chalky, streaky, tended towards cuticle pull and was four coater. It took a while to dry, but the end result was worth every single minute it took to dry, which was about ten minutes.

Serum No 5 Day Glow is super bright and unfortunately, I was unable to procure a moment to take a shot of it in the dark. That’s the fun part of the polish — it glows in the dark! I got a bit disturbed at night when I’d see something glowing close to my face, momentarily forgetting that the polish glows. Yea, don’t laugh too hard at me.

As always, please click on the image which will double in size…then click on the image again (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Serum No 5 Day Glow.

Serum No 5 Day Glow.

Serum No 5 Day Glow.

 Someone asked me why I don’t use a light box – I’ll be honest: I don’t think light boxes truly reflect what a color is like in real life. While I think a light box can get you prettier, edgier shots of a polish, I don’t think it’s very realistic. So while my images may not be as richly saturated with jewel tones or deep hues, you are getting a real-life look at the polish in action.

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À bientôt!



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