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No Worries Polish Coral Reef

Friday, 2 August, 2013
No Worries Polish Coral Reef

No Worries Polish Coral Reef is a color I had happened to come across purely by accident when clicking through links on someone’s blog.

As a matter of fact, I don’t even remember whose blog I found this lovely Indie maker on…However, when I wanted to purchase this particular color, her shop was closed – an extended anniversary vacation. BOOO! I had to wait three long weeks, but once I received these, I was in heaven.

Small run down on the shop’s owner can be found here in her etsy shop, No Worries Polish.

Love that she’s an Army wife and is with her husband in the desert all over on the other side of the world…and she’s mixing polish while she’s there! Creativity can always be found in so many places.

No Worries Polish Coral Reef is a beautiful turquoise base that isn’t quite fully creme, nor is it a jelly – it’s fairly close to a crelly. It’s a cool toned turquoise that flatters my skin tone and I’ve received several compliments when I’ve worn this color. The glitter is coral colored. My only issue I had with this color is that the bigger pieces of the coral glitter didn’t come out on my nail and I had to fish out pieces and strategically place them. Actually, I didn’t strategically place so much as dropped it on my nail and hoped it looked all right.

I love this nail polish color and I think I need to get a back-up bottle…after I purchase a few more bottles for friends. 😀

This is three coats, which dried very quickly. I used HK Girl’s Top Coat to give it that awesome glossy shine. I did one coat, whereas I really should have done two. Next time, my polished digits…next time!

Come see why I love this color so much.

As always, please right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab. When in the new tab, click on the image (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

No Worries Polish Coral Reef

No Worries Polish Coral Reef, Macro

No Worries Polish Coral Reef

No Worries Polish Coral Reef, Nail Macro

No Worries Polish Coral Reef

Ring finger feels all dejected and rejected because it doesn’t have a big piece of glitter that is prominent like the other fingers.

No Worries Polish Coral Reef

I love this base color…I may have to ask for it alone!

No Worries Polish Coral Reef

I love this shot and I thought the Thank You sticker is so adorable. You’re welcome, Nicci! Thanks for making some awesome polish. I’m glad I purchased more than one thing from you.


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À bientôt!



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