Color Club Cherubic

Monday, 28 January, 2013
Color Club Cherubic

Color Club Cherubic is part of the Halo Hues line that debuted in the Fall of 2012.

The Halo Hues line was also one of the most anticipated holographic lines to release since…who knows when?

Even I, in my jaded state of mind, wanted it. However, I wasn’t going to rush out and get it the moment everyone else did. I waited until my nail guys got it in…and I was a bit shocked at the price – $7 a bottle. You’ve got to remember, I’m used to paying $4 or less.

Side note and some gossip on the brand Color Club itself…did you know that Essie and her husband split up maybe a year or two ago? When I say Essie, I mean Essie Weingarten as in Essie the woman behind Essie nail polish! They split up the business and she got to keep Essie and he kept – get this! – Color Club. Or so that’s what my nail guy told me. He says he deals with the man directly at Color Club and they’ve got like a bromance going on. Who knew?!

Anyway…back to Color Club Cherubic~

Color Club Cherubic is this amazing neutral beige. I was thinking of doing a comparison to another China Glaze holo that I own, but I’m gonna be honest – I was feeling like a lazy heifer and I didn’t want to dig through my China Glaze stash. I know where it is, but I was lazy…and it was cold!

Formula on this is typical of a holo…So I worked fast and hoped I didn’t do any crazy dragging of the color. I didn’t use my NFU Oh Aqua base because I didn’t feel I needed it…and I didn’t. When you swatch enough holos you get a feel for the formula very quickly and I liked how fast this one dried. Lickety-split fast.

As always, please right click on the image, choose Open in New Tab and then click once on the image in the new tab for the full-sized image.

Color Club Cherubic

Color Club Cherubic – Shade

The beige looks almost like a silver.

Color Club Cherubic

Color Club Cherubic – Flash

Flashtastic flash does its fabulous work on the holo. BOOM!

Color Club Cherubic

Color Club Cherubic – Sun

So pretty! It looks like a silver-beige in this sunlight shot.

Overall I’d say get the Halo Hues if you can…I’ve got a feeling that these will be like China Glaze’s Kaleidoscope, OMG and LOL collection – once it’s gone, it will be gone. There will be imitators, but they won’t take the place of the originals.

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