Nars New York Dolls

Thursday, 10 January, 2013
Nars New York Dolls

Nars New York Dolls was a color I knew I must have the moment I saw it…

Why? Because I love purple nail polish and more specifically, I love shades of this purple. I just love purple polish. I don’t know why, either…I’m just drawn to it for some reason. It can be either a creme, glitter, frost or magnetic…it will be mine and you can always find it in my collection.

Nars New York Dolls is described as, quite simply, “purple”. LOL That it is.

It’s kind of smoky. It’s kind of intense. It’s nine thousand shades of fucking gorgeous.

Two medium-thin coats were used and what a lovely thing it was. It was ridiculously opaque and had I applied this with a heavier hand, this could easily have been a one coater. Easily. However, I didn’t  do it like that. I’m so happy that this was a fast drying formula. Furthermore, when this shade dried, it was extremely glossy and shiny. Absolutely fabulous!

If you have the chance, grab this color and RUN. Very rarely will you find a purple like this. I think I am going to try and get a back-up of this.

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Nars New York Dolls

Nars New York Dolls – Shade

 It looks all soft and pretty in the shade, doesn’t it? A little delicate…so pretty.

Nars New York Dolls

Nars New York Dolls – Overcast/Sun

What I like about this is that you can really see the blue undertones in this color, but it doesn’t totally take over making it a blurple.

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