Nars Superstar

Friday, 18 January, 2013
Nars Superstar

Let’s talk about Nars Superstar, shall we? Part of the Andy Warhol collection for Fall 2012, Nars Superstar is, indeed, a superstar.

I’m normally not a fan of teal, but lately this color has grabbed my attention. It’s gorgeous. It’s a creme…so of course, it can’t go wrong in my book. I have another teal that I’ve swatched by Rescue Beauty and it’s a shade lighter than this one.

The formula for this was quite a surprise. The first coat for this was fairly opaque and it dried so quickly I was a bit startled. It dried almost as fast as a holographic polish. While fairly opaque in one coat, I settled for two and it was the perfect amount. Put on some quick drying top coat and was ready to go and cause some trouble.

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Nars Superstar

Nars Superstar – Shade

Gorgeous blue-grey that can be seen here in the shade. While some teals err more on the green side, this goes blue. YAY! Don’t get me wrong, I love green, too. However, I prefer blue based teals and not green.

Nars Superstar

Nars Superstar – Sun

This looks super dusty and very pretty in the sunlight…don’t you think? It reminds me of MAC’s Blue India, but this is deeper, darker. Blue India is lighter whereas Nars Superstar smolders.

Nars Superstar is one teal you should have in your collection — grab it before it’s gone!

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