Nails Inc Baker Street

Thursday, 1 November, 2012
Nails Inc Baker Street

Nails Inc Baker Street is this intensely stunning cobalt blue. I was surprised by how much I liked this shade.

Normally I’m not a fan of blue polishes and when I had initially seen this particular shade, my first inclination was to skip over it completely. Fast forward to last week while online shopping at Sephora – the bling version of this was clearing out at $10 (while the 18k gold top coat by $OPI was going out for $15…of course I got one!) and I decided that maybe now was the time to bite the bullet and purchase Nails Inc Baker Street.

Let me be the first to say I am so happy I did – it is a gorgeous color. Normally bored Mr Carinae looks at my color and rolls his eyes. This time around he went, “I quite like that!” Well, finally something gets his stamp of approval. So here I am, wearing a color I like.

When I first put this color on, I kept thinking it was a jelly…however, it was a bit too opaque to be a jelly. Then I realized it was me being deficient – yet again – on my application of polish! Feh. Ok, I do suck at it.

At any rate, I fell in love with this blue and the best part? No crazy blue stains when I removed this color. No blueberry fingers. Can I get some happiness over here for that?

The formula is totally righteous – it was opaque in two fairly thin coats and it dried quickly. FYI – Nails Inc Baker Street was the canvas for another polish that I will be sharing with you tomorrow.

Come and see what the prettiness is all about!

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Nails Inc Baker Street

Nails Inc Baker Street – shade

Nails Inc Baker Street

Nails Inc Baker Street – sunlight

Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square and Connaught Square