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Cult Nails Spontaneous

Wednesday, 29 August, 2012
Cult Nails Spontaneous

Today I have my favorite color out of Cult Nails Coco’s Untamed Collection – Spontaneous

Cult Nails Spontaneous is described on the Cult Nails site as “… a deep, dusty, delicious purple crème that wasn’t quite good enough for Coco… so she added a vibrant purple glitter that put her fun spin on this color!” Coco sure did.

Formula was a tad bit thick, but it dried within a reasonable amount of time. I needed only two coats – woo hoo! I slapped on a fast drying top coat and I was ready to go in under twenty minutes. I was extremely happy with how long I was able to wear this color. I put it on on a Wednesday and did my normal things for Thursday and Friday – laundry and packing for a weekend trip to for last weekend of the California State Fair. I won’t talk about the disappointing food we ate at the Fair nor will I discuss the dry heat…mercifully I remembered to stay well hydrated, so I was able to survive. Unfortunately, I forgot to wear sunscreen…I bought a hat, but even that couldn’t cover my exposed arms and chest. Smart move, right? Anyway, come Monday, this color color had endured dishes, packing, unpacking, nails digging through my disorganized backpack, etc. No tip wear and no chips. Rock on!

Cult Nails Spontaneous appealed to the little girl in me because it was this beautiful purple and it had the right shimmer of glitter. Cult Nails Spontaneous also appealed to my friend’s little five-year-old daughter as well! When I said, “Look at my nails!” and held them up in front of her face, the look that came over was priceless – it was joy, excitement and glee. She was frozen for a moment, completely staring at the color. My friend confided in me, “That’s her favorite color.” So there you have it – Cult Nails Spontaneous makes older girls and little girls very happy!

Below are my swatches. As always, please feel free to click on the image to bring it up to the original size.

Cult Nails Spontaneous

Cult Nails Spontaneous – shade

In here, the base almost reminds me of Chanel’s Paradoxal. However, that’s where any similarities end. I happen to really like this version better because in the shade, it’s this awesome dusty purple that is hard to find and, in my opinion, hard to replicate.

Cult Nails Spontaneous

Cult Nails Spontaneous – sun

 Even out in the sun, it looks almost dusty, but if you really pay attention, you’ll see the pretty glitter saying hello and twinkling at you in the distance.

Out of all the colors in Coco’s Untamed Collection, this is the one that’s my all time favorite and I know I need to get a back-up (and maybe send a bottle to my friend’s little girl).

You can find this (for now) at for $10.00.

Comparison: Chanel Tentation v Chanel Suspicious
Chanel Vertigo, Chanel Suspicious, Chanel Frenzy - Chanel Les Essentials Fall 2012

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