China Glaze Agro

Tuesday, 20 March, 2012
China Glaze - Agro - Hunger Games Collection, Spring 2012

I’ve been dying over this shade of green…I love olive-y colors like this with a subtle shimmer.


I was never really a fan of green nail polish before. I mean, the shade had to really be outstanding in order for me to even think about looking at it. So there I was, staring at Agro in the store. I was amazed that it looked super pretty in the bottle. I hoped it would translate well onto nail…and it did!

I don’t know what China Glaze has done for this particular collection as well as their Electropop collection they released prior to this, but the formulas have been particularly heavenly. I mean high gloss, super pigmented I-only-need-one-coat-but-am-doing-two-out-of-habit kind of formula. Then to to make it even more fantastical, it dries wicked fast. I felt like weeping when I put this on because it was so beautiful.

However, I was having some flashbacks to a lovely color China Glaze did for Christmas 2010 called Peace On Earth. Maybe I’m wrong, but they are very similar, wouldn’t you say? I think the shimmer in Agro has a bit more of a splashy color. I’ve included pictures of the two for you to make your own decision.

As always, please click on the image to see the original size.

China Glaze - Agro - Hunger Games Collection, Spring 2012

China Glaze Agro - Shade

China Glaze Peace on Earth - Shade

 Hm…I think I may have been wrong on this…Hard to tell when this is in the shade.

China Glaze - Agro - Hunger Games Collection, Spring 2012

China Glaze Agro - Sunlight

Peace On Earth - Sunlight

Ok, clearly I was wrong!

PoE has a more green undertone while Agro seems to be a bit more yellow. What do you think?




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