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First rule of beta is…

Monday, 28 November, 2011


Well, unless the NDA is lifted, of course.

It was finally lifted. I’ve been in beta since mid-August, but had a host of problems downloading the client (timing out) from Sweden. To top it all off, I was forced to defile my baby, a MacBook Pro, and put Boot Camp on it. When it was all working and running, I had decided to play the Republic side.

Now, for those of you who are not well- versed in the Star Wars universe (like me), you just know two sides – Sith and Jedi. Here in the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic (from here on it it will be referred to as SWTOR) it’s Empire (Sith) and Republic (Jedi). I first started out as Republic…and I have to be honest. Talk about snooze fest. A crazy constant need to keep your good self going or else you’d lose faction…I got extremely bored with always walking the good walk. I ended up taking the whole Dark Side/Sith route even as a Padawan!

For this particular instance of beta I was going to be playing with my people from my old Euro Guild on EverQuest — Raging Fury. I got lots of help from Fenlayen and Thordanis. I also ended up playing the Empire side. I HAD A BLAST. Not only was I playing with old friends who were extremely patient with my lack of direction and trying to shift over from Light to Dark side, but I found the Dark Side was fun! Like it was fun playing evil, torturing someone…besting my Master and most of all…just being a Sith Sorceress. I decided to play a healer. What can I say? Ever since my EverQuest days, I’ve loved being a healer, even when I strayed into DPS territory.

Anyway, I wanted to post some screen shots of the game. I definitely can’t wait until launch. My only regret is that I didn’t pre-order back in July/August where I could start playing the game 5 days ahead of the general public. Boo…Had I played Empire side before Republic it would’ve been a very different case.

At any rate, here are some screenshots when I played Empire side.

As always, click the thumbnail to enlarge the image to the original size.

That big hunking lunk behind me? My companion. Of all the things for me to get…he’s so creepy looking!

This is my husband’s character, a Sith Juggernaut. Isn’t his companion way easier to look at?

Just a random screenshot from the zone I was in.

Darth Malgus, a mission/quest giver.


Random shot of the zone.

If they resume beta this weekend, I’ll be so sad because I won’t be able to participate. I have enjoyed playing during my time, though. If I don’t see you in beta, I hope to see you when the game launches on Dec. 20, 2011.

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