Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

Thursday, 11 July, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time…really is about damn time.   plantsvszombies2itsabouttime

FYI, this is a non-related nail polish post, in case you haven’t guessed. However, that will be remedied later on in the day. Pinkie swear!

If you want to see the images slightly larger, click on them and it will take you to the original screen shot.

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time really has been worth the wait. For those who are fans of Plants vs Zombies *coughmemememecough*, this retains the fun aspects of the game in addition to adding new plants, levels, abilities and features.

Currently there are three new worlds: Ancient Egypt (that’s the first), High Seas (second) and finally the third Wild West.

My absolute favorite is Wild West. It’s chock full of surprises and laughs. The crazy mini zombie on a bucking bronco that will decimate if you aren’t careful. The crazy piano player that is the equivalent to the disco dancing dude from the original Plants vs Zombies. He plays his piano and the zombies around him dance to his tune and…they switch lanes. UGH! However, the one that seriously had me laughing so hard at first (I had to pause the game and Mr Carinae was wondering why I was gasping and laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes) was the Zombie Chicken Man. He’s got his chickens flocked around him and on him. They venture forth in a herd that’s quite disconcerting…however, when they’re confronted with electricity, they sizzle up and become buckets of chicken before they disintegrate. YES! It had me laughing. I still giggle when I think of it.

My second favorite level probably has to be Ancient Egypt. Beware the Zombie who resembles Ra and tries to steal your sun.

Last, but not least, is the High Seas level. I think out of all the levels, this is the one where you have to be cautious. I still loved it, though. Although that zombie with his damn parrot that would fly and take a plant away if I wasn’t careful…*shakes fist*

I absolutely adore the new plants – Bonk Choy (a kung fu fighting plant), Lightning Reed (a reed that conducts some deadly electricity) and a lovely bean that, when ingested, makes the zombie mighty gassy and explode.

Chili Bean

They’re keeping it fun and classy. I’m not joking! They got away with making a fart joke that won’t make adults roll their eyes, but yet will still get kids to laugh. Those plants are just a few of the new ones.

However, out of all the new plants, it’s the Lightning Reed that makes my heart pitter patter with excitement.

Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time Lightning Reed

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, Lightning Reed

Place it wherever and watch it zap zap zap zombies. Make a wall and it’s insanity.

Egypt 2

Don’t hate my phat bank balance up top.

How did they make this game more fun? First of all, it’s Free to Play (f2p). Go to your app store or Google play store and download it when the game is officially released which is slated to be August 14, 2013. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand you’re lucky ducks – they did a soft launch on July 10. Go go go and download it!

While f2p, they’ve got to make money somehow and they get you in ways that will make my Amex cry. I fully admit I am that girl that will purchase to WIN. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

They’ve added this new thing called Plant Food, which you can see at the bottom left of the screen shot above. It’s usually 3 slots, but if you pay extra, you can have a fourth. To the right are your “abilities” (behead a zombie, swipe it away and off the screen OR zap the mofo. I like to zap the mofo, but it costs the most. Of course.) Now, while the game is f2p, you will probably end up spending money on plant food because coins in game are so small and it costs money for Plant Food. It also costs money to behead, swipe or zap a zombie. They have an awesome tutorial that is in the Ancient Egypt world, which is where the above screen shot was taken.

What sucks about the Plant Food is that it isn’t carried over from level to level as you progress…however (remember when I said I’d get back to my point? Here I go…), they do have a special item that you can purchase in the PVZ2 store that lets you carry over your Plant Food. Ahhh….clever! You can also purchase some plants from days of yore as well.

I was really lucky to be in beta for this game and the screen shots below are from it. When you play the game, you will notice that in my screenshots, some of the plants haven’t appeared yet. Have no fear, they will. I was in God Mode (I was given infinite plants, ability to plant and endless funds to purchase whatever I needed to succeed). I miss that.

However, I think Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time and PopCap will be getting a lot of money from me because I must win.

Final note: I think what PopCap may do about the levels of PVZ2 is do regular updates so you don’t play the game all the way through and then get tired of it. They want you to come back and look forward to a new level each week. When I was in beta, there was a 4th level that had some art work that I wish I had been able to screen capture. It looked very intriguing.

Below are random screen shots. Enjoy!

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Wild West

 Completed a level…and see my sunflowers on those tracks? Yup – you can plant them providing there is a place for it.

photo 8

God Mode screenshot in the High Seas level.

photo 7

Yet another God Mode shot. Notice how I have 4 spots for Plant Food and that is the plant food hovering around in its little ball, waiting for a spot to open up in my Plant Food bar. Plant Food can be put on anything. Those tree stumps that turned your peas into fire become white hot flame shooters when Plant Food is dropped on them.

photo 6

I think I like this shot in Ancient Egypt so much because of the blue and white peas that shot through the fire. The plant that is behind the tree stump and in front of the double pea shooter is a plant whose name I forgot — sorry. What I can tell you about that plant is that they’re stackable up to five. Yes FIVE. So each plant you see can have 5 plants in it.

photo 5

 Another random Wild West screen shot. The power ups you see at the bottom are not cheap. Also, notice that I’ve got space for FIVE Plant Food now in my Plant Food bar?

photo 3

 Adventure on the High Seas ahoy!

photo 2

 More High Seas tomfoolery. God Mode so insane that the zombies can’t even make it past the 3rd plank!

photo 1

 Pretty blue blights…

High Seas

 ONOS. I still won. Zap zap zap.

High Seas 3

 That pile of ashes with the eyeballs? That was the parrot man. Evil beast he is. I got him and his little bird, too.

High Seas 2

 MOAR High Seas


 Ancient Egypt.

Sunflower Take Over

The sunflower has taken over Mr Carinae’s seat in our home office. SUNFLOWERS EVERYWHERE!


Hey! Isn’t there a law against keeping your sunflowers in a plastic bag? That’s cruel! Also, what PopCap never told you is that these sunflowers are thievin’ bastards. Notice how it tried to make off with some of my nail polish? Caught the mofo just in time…


I shall call it Mini Me.

First rule of beta is...